A brief History of Woodbine farms, inc

funkhouser family

The Foundation

In 1898, Dr. Isaac Brumback purchased Woodbine Farms and laid the foundation for what has become our "Century Farm". In 1926, Dr. Brumback willed the property to his son, Harman, who had already built a home and barn on the property. Harman was married to Miss Fannie Funkhouser of Lebanon Church, VA. They continued to farm while raising their two sons, Henry & Frank. The farm grew in acreage and products, as two more children blessed the family. Another son, James, and a daughter, Margaret. The children matured, continued on the farm, and in 1965 the farm became Woodbine Farms, Inc. Only the title changed, as the owners remained in the same family; spirited siblings and parents welcoming each new day. Of course, time has led to the attrition of people and crops. Harman & Fannie have been gone for many years, but the siblings and cousins continue working together to keep Woodbine Farms, Inc. running as the same family farm it started as.


The Future

In 1998, the farm was designated as a "Century Farm" and was officially recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia for being continuously and actively farmed by the same family for 100 years or more.

We added our Farm Market in 2006, allowing us to continue bringing our best and freshest products to our customers and friends. As interest from the fifth generation continues to grow, we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to prosper in the agriculture industry and keep farming alive.